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Hornil StylePix 2.0

Picture editor with support for multiple tools and layers
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Hornil StylePix can help you create and edit various types of graphics, including photographs. The program has a very nice interface, which is in many ways similar to those of other graphic editors; so, it is quite improbable you have difficulties using it if you had an experience with similar tools before. However, inexperienced users may feel somewhat lost and need some time to explore its features before they can use them fluently.

It is great that the editor lets you edit various images simultaneously by opening them in separate tabs. It also allows modifying batches of pictures to avoid repetitive and mechanical operations, such as renaming, changing format or resizing. Luckily, this also includes adding watermarks to a whole set of pictures. Moreover, it supports live previewing of all the changes you make.

In addition to standard shapes, brushes and pencils, Hornil StylePix also comes with other drawing tools. For instance, there is the spray and the flood tools. Likewise, you can use a clone brush to fill an area with a pattern taken from an image.

Most users would be glad to know that the editor lets you enhance and restore photographs. For this purpose, it has the Burn, Dogde, Blur and Sharpen tools. Besides, the program can also help you remove scratches and the undesirable red-eye effect.

As most other products of this type, Hornil StylePix lets you add text to images. It also lets perform various manipulations with text, for example, you can rotate the object without losing its properties. Text can also be decorated according to your preferences, by changing font, styles, etc.

Probably one of the best assets of this editor is that it comes with a varied array of selection tools. Similarly, it allows you to place objects in different layers, which definitely make editing much easier. Therefore, you can select a complete layer, or just a part of it using automatic selection, color range, and channel selection, among other tools. Then, it is possible to manipulate the results with several combination modes, like add, subtract and intersect. In this regard, it is important to point out that 21 ways to blend layers are supported.

All in all, there is an excellent balance between the features available from Hornil StylePix, its size and most of all its price, because the product fortunately has a free edition. However, should you need additional features, such as Quick Mask, Dynamic Brushes, Layer Styles and the Desaturate, Saturate and Smudge tools, you have to buy its paid edition, called StylePix Pro.

Pedro Castro
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  • Opens images in different tabs
  • Supports batch image processing
  • Provides live change previewing
  • Offers powerful drawing tools
  • Includes enhance and restoration tools
  • Multiple selection tools
  • Supports layers


  • Inexperienced users may need some time to use it fluently
  • More advanced features are only available from its paid edition
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